Water & Waste Water Chemicals

Water & Waste Water Chemicals

Aquatic Solutions is one of the leading industrial chemicals supplier, meeting the demand of various industries. We deal in both organic and inorganic chemicals, and therefore our horizon of trade in the market has widened. We are engaged in supply of Water & Waste Water Chemicals. By pursuing & implementing the highest standards of excellence in our operations, we have nurtured our capabilities.

Aquatic Solutions established itself in the year 2006 as a mid size enterprise. Gradually, banking on the industrial know how and commitment towards excellence, we evolved as one of the leading suppliers of organic and inorganic chemicals catering to a number of domestic and international clients. Through an unwavering focus on Quality, Commitment & Delivery, we have charted our way to success in our operations and have won the admiration of our customers.

Our Product Range Includes

  • RO Antiscalant & Chemicals
    • RO Antiscalant
    • RO Antiscalant & Antifoulant
    • High Silica RO Antiscalant
    • RO pH Booster
    • Biofouling Chemical
    • Alkaline Membrane Cleaning Chemical
    • Acidic Membrane Cleaning Chemical
    • Mineral Dosing Chemical
    • RO pH Correction Chemical
  • Boiler Water Chemicals
    • Boiler Multipurpose Chemical
    • Boiler Feed Water Chemical
    • Boiler Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Boiler Antirust Chemical
    • Boiler Condensate Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Boiler Oxygen Scavenger
    • Boiler pH/Alkalinity Builder
    • Boiler Antifoaming Chemical
    • Boiler Descaling Chemicals
  • Cooling Tower Chemicals
    • Cooling Water Multipurpose Chemical
    • Cooling Tower Feed Water Chemical
    • Cooling Water Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Cooling Tower Antirust Chemical
    • Cooling Tower Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Cooling Water pH/Alkalinity Builder
    • Cooling Tower Antifoaming Chemical
    • Cooling Tower Descaling Chemicals
    • Cooling Tower Dispersant
    • Cooling Tower Biocide
  • Chiller Chemicals
    • Chiller Water Multipurpose Chemical
    • Chiller Feed Water Chemical
    • Chiller Water Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Chiller Antirust Chemical
    • Chiller Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Chiller Water pH/Alkalinity Builder
    • Chiller Antifoaming Chemical
    • Chiller Descaling Chemicals
  • Sugar Chemicals
    • Mill Sanitation Biocides
    • Viscosity Reducer
    • Color Precipitant
    • Sludge Conditioners
    • Antiscalant for EV Bodies
  • Fuel Additives
    • Anti-Clinker
    • Anti-Foulant
    • Combustion Catalyst
    • Sox Emission controller
    • Pre & Post Combustion additives for both solid & liquid fuels
  • Effluent Treatment Chemicals & Polyelectrolyte’s
    • Alum
    • Lime
    • Ferric Chloride
    • DAP
    • Caustic Soda
    • Calcium Chloride
    • Urea
    • Ferrous Sulphate
    • PAC
    • Phosphoric Acid
    • Chlorine
    • Dolomite
    • SMBS
    • Magnesium Sulphate
    • Cationic Polyelectrolyte
    • Anionic Polyelectrolyte
    • Non Ionic Polyelectrolyte
  • Odour Removal Chemicals
    • TCCA 90 & Liquid Chlorine
      • Many more..

      Innovation, Quality and Dedication

      Our success in the industry is built on the strong pillars of innovation, quality, & dedicated customer service. By incorporating these & other business strengths, we have boosted our capabilities to maintain high quality standards in the industry. By adapting advanced technologies, refining processes & exploring wider applications, we aim to secure our position in the present and believe in creating opportunities for future.

      Our Excellence

      By maintaining a speedy and flexible process of production, packaging & delivery, we have been providing a stable and reliable supply base for all out national and international clients. Our high quality and pure chemicals cater to high growth industrial sectors such as Agriculture, Textiles, pharmaceuticals & Packaging that are the prime drivers of growth in the economy.