Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plants

Aquatic Solutions offers cost-effective raw water treatment solutions, for reduction of suspended solids & dissolved ions in surface water. They have been developed after studying the settling and rise rates of suspended impurities under fluctuating conditions.

Raw water is first treated to remove the suspended colloidal matter. Small suspended particles in the raw water are coagulated by using poly-electrolyte and coagulant at higher pH. This is then passed through a tube settler where coagulated suspended matter settles down and clearer water flows up. Coagulated suspended matter is taken out from the hopper bottom of tube settler in the form of a thick sludge.

Clear water is further treated in the second stage. A dual media filter is provided for further reduction of suspended matter to a level of less than 5 ppm. This filter works in pressurized conditions. A clear water pump is provided at the inlet of the filter to feed clarified water.

  • Sand Filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • Rapid Sand Filter
  • Gravity Sand Filter
  • Iron Removal Filter
  • Fluoride Removal Filter
  • Zinc & Manganese Filter
  • Bromide Removal Filter
  • Ultra filtration
  • Swimming Pool Filter
  • Micron Fine Filtration

Based on the process or individual requirement, further stages of treatment are designed to produce high purity water. In this stage Dissolved ions & other impurities are reduced to considerable levels.

  • Ion Exchange Plant
  • Demineralization (DM) Plant
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant

To achieve highest purity water, it is passed through various polishing process. Expertise designing is required to meet quality standards. Aquatic Solutions uses best equipments available to achieve targets.

  • Mixed Bed (MB) Plant
  • Electro De-ionization (EDI) Plant
  • Ozone System
  • UV System
  • Ultra fine Filtration
  • Steam Generators

Aquatic Solutions provides both custom built & standardized systems to raw water purification systems.

Download Lab Water System Brochure Download DM Water Treatment Brochure